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Female Fulani Warrior Earrings Jumbo-XL

Female Fulani Warrior Earrings Jumbo-XL

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Fulani Warrior earrings are traditionally handmade from recycled/repurposed bronze via old car radiators. The bronze is melted down and tapped out while being twisted. (Also available in Silver plated).

  • History

    The Fulani tribe of Africa is well known for their traditional jewelry, especially their extra large gold earrings which measure up to five inches in length.

     As is true with most tribal African jewelry the tribe regards jewelry as a symbol of wealth and status. A Fulani woman acquires jewelry in many ways including as a dowry from her husband and upon the death of her mother.

    Traditionally the Fulani, who are a nomadic tribe, wear their wealth in the form of jewelry so that they can carry it with them where ever they go. It was often used to buy goods from other tribes they would encounter.